Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From Gilded Frame to Gorgeous Necklace Holder

Statement necklaces had me at first glance.  I began to notice them on well-dressed women and on Pinterest when I searched for clothing ideas.  I loved the way they finished off the outfits I saw. They could make a simple blouse, sweater, and jeans look terrific!  They would become my quintessential accessory,  I decided, to dress up the clothes I already had.  I wanted some badly, so I began my search; it wasn't hard to find great looking necklaces--they were in every store I visited!

photo from a Google search--sorry, no source

After going nuts with the idea and getting a number of necklaces, Mr. Bill said, "Don't you think you have enough?"  No, you can never have too many!  I need lots of options to create a new look with the same clothes!
 But they began to aggressively take over my dresser because I had no other place to put them.  Statement necklaces are big and they take up lots of room. And, they all have something to say--they want to make their statement! They can be tropical in looks with lime green, turquoise, tangerine, and magenta having a loud party and enjoying each other's company.  Some can be monochromatic, singing a solo with varying sheens and volume.  Glass beads joined together with gold or silver chain in multiple strands create a percussive presence.

I had to take control of the chaos on my dresser top.  I had seen some picture frames used as necklace holders and decided that would be a great solution to my storage problem.  One day, at an unassuming yard sale in the rain, I saw a large, ornate, gilded frame leaning against a piece of furniture. It saw me coming and shouted, "Here I am! I'm gorgeous! Take me home with you!"  The people were moving and ready to make a deal.  So, for $5 it was mine.  This next photo shows the frame along with some other yard sale finds from that day.

She didn't need anything but a good cleaning and something for a backer.  I had some homosote already, just waiting for a project.  Mr. Bill cut it to fit the frame.  I covered it with some painter's drop cloth fabric (all neatly pressed and stapled onto the backer).  Here is the frame outfitted with my necklaces.  There are some plain beaded ones mixed in that are pretty quiet and do their job without a lot of noise.  The pearls are very reserved and never make a fuss.  All the necklaces are held in place on pushpins done up with a little bling.  I glued clear half-marbles to the ends of them to classy up the finished product.

Now I am very happy to have a place to put the necklaces and can easily choose which one to wear.  Also, the pushpins can be easily rearranged to accommodate more--it's not nearly crowded enough!

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  1. Such a pretty idea! I've been thinking about hanging something like this in my closet. My necklaces are always getting tangled together and this would be the perfect solution.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. Someday, I hope to have a bigger, prettier blog--like yours!

  2. Hi RuthAnne. Thank you for finding me and throwing your name in for the giveaway today. I linked back to find you. Love the idea of hanging the necklaces like that. Mine are a unholy mess. I am your newest follower and I will put you on my sidebar so I don't miss any posts. xo Diana

  3. Love this idea! I need to make one of these too. My necklaces are always tangling and hard to find. Pinning! XO - Wendi @H2OBungalow

  4. Hi Wendi--thanks so much for your comment! I'm still loving my organizer and still love being able to see them all when I'm deciding with which to bedeck myself. And, my dresser top is still clear of clutter!

  5. I love this idea! I have about three or four jewelry stands in all different shapes, I love the idea of something to hang on the wall as a frame! I will have to go thrift shopping for a nice, pretty frame!

    1. I felt like the stars had aligned when I found my frame! I really do like having my necklaces all in one place so I can see them all at once. It also is kind of like a piece of art hanging on my wall.

    2. I felt like the stars had aligned when I found my frame! I really do like having my necklaces all in one place so I can see them all at once. It also is kind of like a piece of art hanging on my wall.


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